Winter activity: Estrecho de Arboleja in Murcia

Winter activity: Estrecho de Arboleja in Murcia
19 Jan 2023

Spain does not only consist of sitting on a terrace, lying on the beach and going out for dinner. Spain's greatest wealth, besides the fantastic climate, is the endless and untouched nature. There are many places that are definitely worth a visit, but where can we find them?

An example of this is Estrecho de Arboleja in Murcia.

Travel time from the office of CasaLasDunas is a good one and a half hours.

What to do here?

You arrive at the spacious parking lot where you can park your car for free. From the parking lot we walk to the viewpoint (200 meters further) where you can also find the stairs down. Via this staircase we descend about 25 meters into the gorge.

Here you can go in 2 directions: to the left where a long hiking trail (7-8 km) can be followed through the gorge. The gorge here is quite wide so there is plenty of sunshine. Along this route we also find some ruins and small bridges over the dry river.

However, the real splendor can be found in the other direction. The gorge continues for a good 700 meters and becomes increasingly narrow. At the beginning the width is at least 8 meters, but at the end of the gorge there is only 1 meter left. The further you go, the more difficult it becomes to continue, walking eventually turns into climbing.

Two hours is enough to take a look at everything here. If you want to do the whole hike, count on 4 to 5 hours.

Near this gorge, we also find the viewpoint Mirador del Corazon de Jesus, from where the 6 surrounding mountain ranges can be seen.

In short, a fun, sporty activity, suitable for the whole family!

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