51 matches, 24 countries and only 1 winner. CasaLasDunas does something unique!

51 matches, 24 countries and only 1 winner. CasaLasDunas does something unique!
3 Jun 2021

In 1 week it will finally be time. 51 competitions to determine who can call themselves the best in Europe in the coming year. 24 nations will compete to make history in this special 16th edition of the European Championship. To make the most of this opportunity, CasaLasDunas organizes a unique tournament in which you have a chance to win the top prize worth €1000,-. In short, what are you waiting for and test your knowledge!

If the past year and a half has taught us anything it is that standing still is going backwards, and giving up is not an option. That is why CasaLasDunas will sprint out of the starting blocks next Thursday at 17:00 with the questions for the first match day.



By filling in your predictions in our daily questionnaire (at 17:00) you can earn points to ultimately emerge as the winner of the general classification. The following spectacular prizes are available for the top 3 of this general classification:

  • Check worth €1000,-
  • Costa Blanca Cruise worth €500,-
  • Check worth €250,-

How can you fill in your predictions on time?

To ensure that everyone has enough time to predict the matches, we will publish the questionnaire the day before every match day at 17:00. This will be done through a link on the social media channels of CasaLasDunas (Instagram + Facebook). This link will lead you to a questionnaire that is easy to complete.

This questionnaire will be closed 15 minutes before the start of the first game. So don't be late!

What are the questions?

2 questions per match

  • Who will win the match? (1 point)
  • What is the exact result after 90 minutes? (3 points)

1 general question

  • In what minute will the earliest goal of the match day fall? (5 points)

The scoring and regulations can be found on our website!

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