Enjoy the outdoor life and stay healthy!

Enjoy the outdoor life and stay healthy!
15 Oct 2020

COVID-19 has the world in its grasp, that is a fact, but how one wishes to spend their winter is everyone's free choice. For example, you can stay in the UK, but chances are you'll most of the time spend time at home, indoors with the heater on. 

Elsewhere in the world, however, things can be different. If you look at the Spanish Costa, there are still many things possible. Last week you were able to read that the plane tickets are currently cheap and the thermometer still ticks 25 degrees daily. 

This week we look a little further, namely to see exactly what is possible for the sun worshippers who want to come to Spain this winter. 

No quarantine/testing duty in Spain – On arrival in Spain by plane, only your temperature will be measured at the airport. Once you get through this, the holiday can begin. No quarantine, no mandatory test. If you wish, there is ample test capacity to have a CPR test taken at very short notice. 

Restaurants and Bars remain open – Spain is a large country and there are 2 areas where tough measures are currently being taken, such as the closure of the catering industry. However, Spain is tackling this regionally, which means that all the catering industry is open on the Costa ́s where we operate, of course with the distance and hygiene measures in place. Looking at the regional figures, we do not have to worry for the time being about a possible closure, since we are the least affected part of Spain. 

Beaches and water sports – There is a lot of space on the beaches, due to the low number of visitors. On some days it will look like you have a private beach at your disposal. As a result, there is currently stunting with low prices for water sports, such as surfing, padelboarding, or for the daredevils among us, Jetboarding. On the beach, in the water, in nature reserves and during sports masks are not mandatory. 

Markets and commercial centres – Virtually all street markets are still taking place in Spain. Of course, one-way directions and hygiene measures are used here, but the feeling of the typical Spanish markets remains. They are currently only visited by the local residents, so keeping their distance will not be a problem here either. 

Endless trips – For the moments when you like to distance yourself from the inhabited world, there are countless trips to nature to make, where you will not encounter other people. Spain has mountains, caves, parks, river beds and gorges that are breathtaking. You can look it up as close to or far away as you wish, the country is beautiful! Whether you spend the winter in the UK, indoors with the stove on, or you come to Spain, where you can still cycle around in shorts until December. Enjoy a tapa on the promenade or drink a sangria at the beach.

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