You don, t just rent out!

You don, t just rent out!

You don't just rent out!

Many people think we buy a second home in Spain and rent it out for a while.
There is more to it than you might think!
It starts with the rental license ? Do you know how to get it?

Who will manage your home and check in tenants and who will do the cleaning and maintenance.
Who is your point of contact in case of calamities and you are not in Spain yourself!
Who takes care of the payments?
Who will file your tax return?

  • CasaLasDunas rents out the homes and is aware of which homes do or do not obtain a rental license.
  • CasaLasDunas can help you with applying for a license.
  • CasaLasDunas provides photo-video reporting and complete marketing.
  • CasalasDunas has its own rental organization that takes care of check-in and check-out, cleaning and solving emergencies.
  • CasaLasDunas takes care of the payments to and from the owner/tenants.
  • CasaLasDunas knows the way for the tax return.

The legislation in Spain changes daily, we have been living and working in Spain for 25 years and speak the language.
We are also happy to rent out and manage your home and relieve you during this entire process!
If you are interested in renting out your home through CasaLasDunas, send us an email and we will answer your further questions.