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Those who want to make more of their savings nowadays, don't just leave it in the bank with low interest rates. You will have a lot more fun investing it in a boat or a second home. Moreover, a home is a stable investment.

Need a stable and tangible investment?  

Experts and banks predict that housing prices will continue to rise steadily in the coming years. Whether it is a studio on a beautiful golf course in Spain, a modest apartment in the historic center of a Spanish city, a house in the 'campo' or a villa with sea views along the Spanish coast: there is a return on all of them.

Valuable and tangible investment

Living on the Costa Blanca

In Spain, the east coast has traditionally been a popular place for the English to spend their holidays, winter or buy a second home. The Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida and Costa del Sol are known for the ideal climate, which is among the best in Spain. Within 2.5 hours you can reach by plane and you can bath in the sun and enjoy the relaxed Spanish lifestyle and friendly Spaniards. Don't forget the beautiful surroundings, which offer plenty of opportunities to explore when you have had enough of the wonderful beaches.

Reliable real estate agent on the Spanish east coast  

The family business CasaLasDunas is located on the Spanish east coast and the Van Let family has lived, worked and enjoyed the good life there for over twenty years. From their own experience, all employees, anyone considering a second home abroad, can heartily recommend choosing Spain. At CasaLasDunas, a new lifestyle is primarily sold instead of just a house in Spain. The Van Let family has also experienced how we stumble over our prosperity in the north, how there is a shortage of owner-occupied homes, an excess of regulations and an excess of stress.

New lifestyle

That is why CasaLasDunas likes to offer its customers in Spain a new lifestyle in a wonderful climate (both meteorological and social) that offers more time in every way to enjoy life. You will also be back in the UK within a few hours to see family or arrange business. In that sense, CasaLasDunas not only helps you find the perfect home that meets all your wishes and requirements, but also helps the company with emigration and integration into the new country, so that you feel at home quickly. Think of mortgages, tax matters, insurance and also guidance in the field of health care. Are you still looking for a home, then CasaLasDunas also provides housing until the new home is found. If a customer wants to rent out that new home when he or she is not staying there, CasaLasDunas is also the right party to work with.

Investing in real estate  

Stop saving, buy another house now! A financial crisis ussually does not mean buying a second home in a sunny and warm country for a few tons. We may be able to advise you further on the possibilities of investing in real estate.   

The Second Home fair this year did not attrect fewer people than in other years. It is better to put it in bricks and mortar now than in shares or on the bank, explains broker Hans van Let. Looking for a second home in Spain? Put 96,000 euros on the table and you are the proud owner of 90 square meters in an apartment complex with swimming pool.  

It can also be much more expensive at this fair for people looking for a second home. Hans van Let, standing at the entrance of the fair with his company Casa Las Dunas, says that most visitors understand that the time has come to buy a second home because of a new negotiation situation due to the financial crisis. Moreover, now is the time to put it in bricks and mortar, as an investment. Instead of putting it in the bank. Banks cannot offer security either. Not to mention shares. In five years' time, the prices will be what they once were, Van Let estimates.  

Invest in real estate  

On the Costa Blanca it is very attractive for an individual to invest in real estate. This is partly due to the annual price increases of 10% and partly due to the rental options we offer you.  

Prices for building land have doubled since 1994 (even more than doubled in popular tourist areas). Spain is therefore the only EU country that has realized an increase in value on real estate over the past 10 years (adjusted for inflation).

International sales  

In recent years, an average of 100,000 houses per year have been sold to foreigners. By nationality, the English are the largest group of buyers, followed by the Germans, the Dutch, the Scandinavians, the Belgians and the French.  

Due to economic problems, German demand for Spanish real estate declined significantly in 2002. Due to the strong English pound and the Norwegian krone, the English and Norwegian demand for Spanish real estate is still high.

Future perspective  

Due to the Baby Boom effect in North West Europe (the first generation after the war, which will retire within 5 and 10 years), the demand for Spanish real estate will only increase. The OECD predicts that another 5 million (retired) Northern Europeans will settle in Spain in the next 10 years.

The ICEX (The Spanish Export Organization) has calculated that 600,000 new homes for Northern Europeans will have to be built on the Costa Blanca in the next 20 years to meet demand.

The NBBL (Norwegian construction federation) with 600,000 members has investigated that half of their retired members in Spain want to buy a house for permanent or non-permanent residence. Because many popular coastal towns are already overly crowded, a shift is seen from construction activities to places where there is still room to build (Murcia and Almeria provinces).

Price increases of an average of 10% per year are expected to be realized in the coming years. The height of the increase of prices will more and more be determined by the location. But also for Spanish real estate, past results do not guarantee the future.

We may be able to advise you further on the possibilities of investing in real estate in Spain.

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