Rental & Administration

Many homeowners profit from renting out their homes for the time that they are not present themselves. This is better than leaving it unattended for a longer time period, especially in a foreign country. Therefore, we at CasaLasDunas have made it our job to offer properties to tourist for a holiday. This way you can have additional income through your property here in Spain.

Information for Homeowners

Since we have been operating in the property and rental market for over 20 years, we will gladly welcome your property in our database. This way your property is not unattended when you are not there and will be looked after.

Your advantages

  • Extra income
  • You can rent out your property yourself and determine the rental period.
  • Presentation with extensive photo coverage and detailed description.
  • Reservations are made through our booking system and we will keep you informed.
  • We are responsible for the contact with the tenant and arrange the entire administration.
  • In addition to key management, we also answer any of the guests’ questions.
  • We check your property at the start and the end of the rental period.
  • The tenant must pay for the final cleaning done by us, so your home will always be left clean.
  • We can provide rental car or airport service for guests.

Rental licenses

Some cities in Spain have passed a new law which obligates rental licenses. This license is only necessairy for short-term letting. We only rent out properties which are certified with said rental license. We can assist in obtaining the rental licenses through the official channels, but we can not guarantee on forehand that the licenses will be provided. Spanish laws can change, both in our advantage and our disadvantage. We are not responsible for obtaining the rental license and hence can not be held responsible. You don't just rent out!

Are you interested?

For more information, please contact us via email and one of our employees will get back to you. Apart from this will the procedure be explained in detail and all your questions will be answered.

Managing your property

In order to have your property managed by us, it is not necessary to sign a rental contract. However, if you would like to offer your property for rent, you must agree to the management through our agency.

Now what does that mean exactly? In consultation with you, we will visit your property at least once a month. Here we check the tabs, the letter box, forward urgent letters to you, leave in some fresh air or similar. We are also maintaining your garden and the pool and if necessary, do any needed painting. So, all in all, we are doing everything to keep your property well maintained and this all adapted to your wishes and needs.

  • Cleaning service
  • Garden- and poolmaintenance
  • Painting and small maintenance
  • Plbumbing and electrical works
  • Locksmith
  • Alarm company
  • Internet subscription
  • Airportservice
  • Assistance in case of emergency

All this tailored so that it fits your home and wishes. We offer you a very complete package, so you don't have to worry. You can pack your bags last minute to take a break when you want to. This way you can make the most of your holiday and enjoy your holiday home! We trust that your experience with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable. We would like to receive you at our office to discuss the possibilities with you.

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