Move to Spain

Never before have so many foreigners bought a Spanish home as in recent years. The Dutch, Belgians and French continue to be eyeing the Spanish real estate market. Do you also have plans to stay in Spain temporarily or for a long time? Spain has become very popular with emigrants and tourists. Many of us are the first to invest in a "second" home or holiday home, partly for our own use in combination with renting out, so that we get plenty of time to test it and see this as a possible stepping stone to a permanent residence in Spain.

Living in Spain

Here are the main advantages of living permanently in Spain at a glance!

  1. climate
  2. Health
  3. Financial

To start with the last, the financial side , in Spain people do more with the money than in the Netherlands or Belgium!
Daily livelihoods, eating out and having a drink on the terrace are more accessible to everyone in Spain than in the Netherlands and Belgium.
As well as the house prices, in Spain you buy a detached villa with its own swimming pool on a plot of 500 m2, in Belgium or the Netherlands you buy an apartment for that.

The climate is the basis of health in Spain and it is not only the number of sunny days, but sunlight makes people so much happier and more positive. Living outside always is something, once you get used to it, you can no longer live without it. The Mediterranean food culture is also written as the healthiest diet. Of course we should not forget the relaxed Spanish life. Don't worry about being late or having to queue at the bank, it's all part of Spanish culture. There is still time and attention for social contact! Spain is known as the healthiest country in the world for a reason. This target group has grown, partly due to the corona virus, people are looking for space and health.

Before you definitively go abroad, there are a number of things that you should consider that must be arranged. It's not just packing up your suitcase and leaving. You should certainly take into account the following matters.

  • Arrange work and residence permit
  • Arrange everything related to your diplomas
  • Preparing papers
  • Checking and / or taking out insurance
  • Health
  • Finances
  • The tax

You can choose to go out with all those different brokers, but this probably takes more energy, time and questions about reliability? Nothing is better than working with your own Dutch-speaking broker. CasaLasDunas is happy to help you from A to Z. So from the beginning with answering your questions, viewing homes together, purchasing and arranging the necessary paper mill that goes with it, and certainly afterwards.