Custom built

Build Your Dream House in Spain with CasaLasDunas. We offer the service to build your own dream house here in Spain. The journey starts by looking at suitable locations to build your house with us. Of course, everyone has very different expectations and wishes when it comes to the place they would like to live at, which make the distance to the village, the location in the mountains (or not), the position of the sun and the neighbourhood very important matters. But of course this is only a very small part. Read more details below on how the whole construction process will take place with us at CasaLasDunas.

Build individually with CasaLasDunas

After finding the best plot of land, we will be making an appointment with our architects to work out the basic plan according to the client’s wishes. All our villas are entirely well designed and exclusive. Naturally, we do have various model models of villas at hand, in which your ideas and individual touch can be incorporated into the new-build project. “Every CasaLasDunas new construction project must reflect the individuality and personality of our customers!”

The building plans

After a detailed consideration and consultation, a definitive plan will be established. A 3D artist’s impression of virtual photos is also a possibility for a small additional fee. These impressions reflect the building closer to reality, since the latest computer programs that are being worked with offer fantastic details. Here you as the customer still have the possibility to adjust the design according to your wishes.

Building your house in Spain… The final project

When everything is to your satisfaction, the final project will be presented to the relevant municipality to apply for the building permit. The delivery and finalization take on average 4 months. Normally we can start to prepare the building plot before the issue of the building permit, so no time will be lost. The selection of all materials such as tiling, the kitchen, the plumbing etc are always made under the supervision of CasaLasDunas. Orders are made in consultation with us so that no misunderstandings arise, and unnecessary problems can be prevented easily.

Apart from this are we closely working with a law firm that also has an English-speaking lawyer, who ensures that all legal matters concerning the purchase of a property in Spain are fully sorted out and clearly explained. The lawyer will also prepare the transfer at the notary and be present during the appointment, to assure everything is handled correctly. The entire building process will be fully documented by us including photos from start to finish of the total construction. Even if you are not permanently present in Spain, we will be keeping you updated and informed about the process. The whole experience is describing as a very pleasant and extremely interesting period for our customers. Therefore, the result is always very satisfactory.

Also want to build your house in Spain?

Are you also inspired? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to invite you along to visit our recently built villas to get an impression of the high quality of our work. All this of course, without any obligation. Previous clients who have visited our villas were always very enthusiastic and convinced that building their own house in Spain with CasaLasDunas is the best choice – both financial and quality wise. Other comparable properties are often a compromise and generally more expensive.

Duration of a new build construction in Spain

About a year is the usual duration of any new build villa that is being built. Since it will be exactly as imagined, it will certainly be worth waiting. Only the best materials are being used for our construction projects due to our collaborations with top quality brands.


All our villas have a ten-year building guarantee. You can also make use of us after sales service, which includes amongst others to provide you with (home) insurance, a swimming pool and / or garden maintenance, cleaning of your villa or similar. In short: We got you covered from A to Z.