Our service

Kindness doesn't cost money, it's completely free, and we all love that. We have forgotten about kindness a bit in today's society and that is a pity, because there is an enormous strength in kindness. It makes you healthier and happier. Kindness is in all of us and it is also extremely infectious, making the world a nicer place to live. At CasaLasDunas we notice how far you get with it every day.

The power of our Service

Buying a house in Spain might differ from what you are used to from at home. You will have to deal with other laws, and different cultures and customs, which might not be familiar to you. What is seen as the norm here in Spain, therefore does not have to be the same in the UK.

This is why we are also responsible for assisting you as a real estate consultant with purchase or sale of real estate in Spain. We speak your language; we live and work in Spain for over 20 years now and are familiar with the Spanish lifestyle and culture.

Therefore, we have made it our job is to assist you as a real estate consultant in purchasing or selling property in Spain. We are a trustworthy party, since we work closely together with the Dutch Mondi organisation, have over 20 years of experience and are familiar with the Spanish norms and culture. On top of all, we of course do all of this in English.

We offer you a total package of services. What you cannot expect from a regular project developer, you will find at CasaLasDunas. You remain our customer even after the transfer, because then it only starts. You might ask yourself questions like these: Where shall I buy my furniture? Which moving company do I ask for help? What do I need to do regarding TV, internet, insurance, taxes, will, car import, homeowners association attendance, general practitioner, hospital care etc.? We at CasaLasDunas can help you with all of this, after you decided to buy your house with us.

Hence our motto: Once a customer always a customer.

We would like to invite you to our office in La Marina and meet each other while enjoying a cup of coffee and maybe you will become a Spanish property owner in the future.