Wintering on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca, where the sun shines all year round, is the perfect place to stay during the winter months. If you want to stay on the Costa Blanca for two months or longer, CasaLasDunas offers you affordable accommodation for the winter. You pay monthly, not weekly.

Wintering on the Costa Blanca

For your stay during the autumn and winter season (overwintering is only possible from November 1 to March 31) you can choose from luxury villas with private swimming pool, houses a little further from the coast or on the golf course, beautiful bungalows close to the beach or in apartments with sea view or in the city.

You pay per month and not per week.

You enjoy the pleasant climate for two months or longer (up to 3 months) and leave everything at home as it is. You can enjoy the wonderful winter sun and you can do your shopping cheaper than at home. Located on the east coast of Spain, the Costa Blanca is the perfect area to escape the cold and wet winters of the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether it is to reduce health problems or simply enjoy the Spanish culture and their delicacies, wintering on the Costa Blanca is simply beautiful.

The demand for winter holiday homes is growing every year. CasaLasDunas can fully meet this requirement. We are renting more and more apartments suitable for the winter. Heating, air conditioning, which can also produce heat, or simply the location of the home can influence this. Therefore, before making the final reservation, ask us whether the chosen property meets your needs. Personal service is our priority. So if you want to stay on the Costa Blanca for two months or longer, you can spend the winter cheaply at CasaLasDunas.

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