Rent a house in Spain

Rent a house in Spain

All our rental properties are all located on the Costa Blanca. The Costa Blanca (translated into Dutch: white coast) is named after its beautiful white beaches. On these beaches you can fully enjoy the white beaches and the Spanish sun. In addition to relaxing and sunbathing on the beach, you can explore the beautiful surroundings. For example, you can visit countless beautiful villages and towns and view various nature reserves. Costa Blanca is also known for its exceptional climbing skills.

Do you like that all communication while renting a house in Spain is in Dutch? Then you have come to the right place. Rent a house in Spain Dutch owner CasaLasDunas has a wide range of different rental houses in Spain. Many of these rental houses in Spain have a Dutch owner. We believe personal and Dutch-speaking service is of utmost importance. This means we ensure that Dutch staff are always available to assist you.

In our rental offer in Spain we have different types of rental houses. We have different types of villas , apartments , penthouses and homes . Most of the houses are Dutch-owned, but not all. Would you prefer that we show all houses of only Dutch owners? Then simply contact us. We are happy to help you find the perfect rental property. This way you can rent your dream home in Spain for a pleasant holiday.

Location of your holiday home

The location of your holiday home plays a large part in choosing your holiday. If you want a quiet holiday, a holiday home outside the city is a good option. Because you are not much bothered by ambient noise, you can relax here. If you prefer a more active holiday, it is better to choose an apartment in the middle of the city. Because you are in the middle of the city, all activities are usually around the corner. This allows you to easily do multiple activities per day. It is also easier to enjoy a delicious meal or go to the beach after a long, tiring day in the city.

House rental Spain climate

If you want to rent a house in Spain, you would of course prefer to do so in the Spanish sun. The climate in Spain is a completely different climate than we are used to in the Netherlands. For example, Spain has 3 types of climate, while in the Netherlands we only have 1 type of climate. These climates are: Mediterranean climate, Continental climate and maritime climate. The coastal areas often have a Mediterranean climate, just like Costa Blanca. This type of climate is very hot and dry during summers and has an average winter temperature during winters. Besides being an average winter temperature, it also gets quite wet during the winter. Inland, the continental climate is the most common climate. In a continental climate there are large differences in temperature during summer and winter times. The summers can be extremely hot and the winters extremely cold. In the north, the maritime climate is the most common climate. Maritime climate is known for having a lot of rain during the summers and the winters being mild. Because it often rains, the humidity is higher than in, for example, a Mediterranean climate. If you are going to rent a house in Spain, carefully consider which climate you want to visit.

Enjoy Costa Blanca

Because Costa Blanca is located on the coast of Spain, the most common climate you will encounter is the Mediterranean climate. This is the perfect climate to do all the activities in the area. Because the temperature is high enough, swimming or walking through the beautiful city are good options. Besides the fact that it is fun to swim and discover the cities, Costa Blanca is also known for its good climbing. Because the weather is warm and not too humid, it is perfect climbing weather. Because Costa Blanca is located on the coast, there are many beaches. Because there are so many large beaches, you can always find somewhere to take a dip in the sea. When you have finished swimming you can rest on the large beach. While sunbathing you can enjoy the wonderful Spanish sun and you will be dry again in no time. Renting a house in Spain means a holiday to look forward to!

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CasaLasDunas has a very extensive range of beautiful rental houses in Spain on the Costa Blanca. View our complete rental offer immediately and find your ideal holiday destination in Spain! You can easily filter on different characteristics to make searching easier. Would you still like help with booking? Please contact us. Our team is ready to assist you.