Healthy in Spain

Healthy in Spain

The inhabitants of the autonomous state of Comunidad Valenciana live on average 82 years old. That the highest life expectancy in all of Europe. Women in the Valencia region live on average 85.1 years and men 79.5 years. Since the year 2000, these ages have increased by 3.2 years in both men and women

Residents of the Valencia region live the longest in Europe

The Health Department of the Regional Government in the Comunidad Valenciana has conducted a survey showing that the Valencia region has the highest life expectancy in Spain and all of Europe. The highest life expectancies can be found on the Costa Blanca or the coastal region of the province of Alicante, in the interior of the province of Castellón and in the Baix Maestrat region. In Elche men are the oldest at 76.98 years old and in Alicante women are at 83.04 years old.

The province of Alicante scores well in terms of longevity as the inhabitants live long, especially along the coast. This applies to both men and women in the regions Marina Alta, Marina Baja, Campo de Alicante and Vega Baja regions where men live on average between 79.9 and 80.9 years and women 85.1 to Live 85.7 years old.

Cause of death

Lung cancer is the number one cause of death in men in terms of cancer, while it is in third place in women. The study also reports that lung cancer in regions such as the Marina Baixa and Baix Segura is higher among foreign residents from Great Britain and Germany. However, cardiovascular disease is the leading natural cause of death in the Valencia region in both men and women. While someone died from this every 40 minutes in the year 2012, it fell to 33% less in 2017, as in Dénia, Sant Joan, Orihuela or Torrevieja.