Buying a villa at the Costa del Sol

Buying a villa at the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is the 161 kilometers of coastline between the Rock of Gibraltar and the province of Almeria. In fact, it is the entire coast of the province of Málaga plus two municipalities on the Mediterranean coast of the province of Cadiz. This world famous holiday destination is very popular. More than 35% of the income is generated by tourism in Andalusia. The climate with more than 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 18 degrees ensures that you can enjoy yourself all year round! The many sandy beaches, the local culture and the famous Andalusian cuisine are the main draws.

The Costa del Sol brand name was created in the 1960s mainly to make the destination attractive to foreign visitors. This international marketing led to a boom in the 1960s and 1970s. As air travel became more accessible and affordable vacation packages were offered, the Costa del Sol experienced incredible growth. Starting mainly in Torremolinos, tourism quickly spread along the coast, where intense and often uncontrolled construction has transformed the old fishing villages into vacation hotspots that now host millions of visitors every year.

As tourism grew, so did the number of foreign residents. The Costa del Sol has become one of the most popular locations for Northern European retirees to enjoy their old age. These international residents are now an important part of many of the region's communities.

The wonderful climate also makes it the ideal destination for golf enthusiasts. The Costa del Sol has the highest density of golf courses in Europe. The many courses are playable all year round and attract more than 800,000 players annually. The popularity of the sport in the region is such that it is now also known as the Costa del Golf.

The Costa del Sol meets all the needs of its visitors and residents, offering a wide variety of facilities and services. Whether you are looking for an affordable holiday home for your family, an investment that you can enjoy yourself, or a beautiful villa in the sun to live in all year round, this part of Spain has it all.