Make offer in Spain

Make offer in Spain

How does it work in Spain when you bid for the property of your choice?

Buy a house that you can also sell directly, that must be the starting point for purchasing the house. Therefore, let your broker also carry out your negotiations, the broker has no emotion during the negotiations and the buyer often shows quite quickly that this is the home we are looking for !!!

Before making a bid, it is important that you have your finances in order. You can then hit nails and for the buyer this can be the step to accept your offer faster than with someone who first has to apply for a mortgage or has to sell his house in the Netherlands or has the money still fixed for certain period.

Whether or not you need a mortgage, have a valuation report drawn up by the Spanish bank, then you can be sure that you can also sell the house to someone who wants a mortgage. Before you place a bid, have your broker first and foremost check whether the legally required papers of the property are available, by starting with requesting the Nota Simple from the relevant authority, from where the broker can advise you further, what it may still be necessary to get everything registered in the escritura (deed of purchase). All of this can play a role in the negotiations. If you come to an agreement with the seller and there are matters that still need to be arranged, please state in the reservation contract subject to ……………

Work with a Dutch-speaking broker, who has an office in Spain and speaks the Spanish language. A good real estate agent can be the right intermediary for both the buyer and the seller!