For sale in Torrevieja

For sale in Torrevieja

Buy property in Torrevieja

Do you already know Torrevieja? This beautiful seaside town is located about 40 kilometers south of Alicante in sunny Spain. Torrevieja has no less than 20 kilometers of coastline and is therefore the ideal base for a wonderful holiday. So wonderful that you would actually want to come there more often. So take a look at the houses for sale in Torrevieja! CasaLasDunas helps you from start to finish with the purchase of a home in this beautiful region.

How do I know what's for sale in Torrevieja?

CasaLasDunas has built an extensive network of licensed real estate agents and project developers on the Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida and the Costa Del Sol. This means that we are aware of every property for sale in Torrevieja. We are also able to make the right selection of homes in the region based on the desired profile you have entered. We draw up a viewing program together with you and guide you through every visit. This saves you time and prevents disappointments, annoyance and - more importantly - a wrong purchase.

Torrevieja: beautiful place for a holiday home

'Torrevieja' is the Spanish word for 'old tower'. The seaside resort is located in the southeast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea. Although Torrevieja used to be known for its salt production from las salinas (salt lakes), the municipality now mainly relies on income from tourism. Tourists can enjoy themselves along the coastline of over 20 kilometers, where you will find several sandy beaches and creeks. There is also a lot to see in the area, such as the aforementioned salt lakes, the Moor Tower and the Monument to the Coralista. Torrevieja has a pleasant climate with mild winters and warm summers. Have you become curious about the houses for sale in Torrevieja?

CasaLasDunas helps if your dream home in Torrevieja is for sale

Call us when your dream home in Torrevieja is for sale!

Have you seen your dream home in Torrevieja and is it for sale? Please contact CasaLasDunas, because:

  • The Spanish housing market is large and growing fast. Before you know it, you will visit several Spanish estate agents and you will no longer see the forest for the trees. CasaLasDunas offers you a fixed point of contact in your own language, Dutch.
  • Buying a home requires a serious investigation of legality, estate, title deeds and debts. It is impossible to conduct this research yourself. CasaLasDunas serves your interest and investigates whether the plot and the house are correctly registered.
  • The coaching of CasaLasDunas does not stop after purchase. We sit down with you and discuss tax obligations, insurance and other matters related to the purchase of your home in Torrevieja.