Can we finally go on holiday and travel to Spain without any worries?

Can we finally go on holiday and travel to Spain without any worries?

Why do holidays make us so happy?

We often look forward to our vacation for a long time and get a positive feeling just by the word vacation. Nothing is necessary, everything is allowed, you do exactly what you want on a daily basis. You certainly do not have to leave for the real holiday feeling. At a 2-hour flight you will find the most beautiful beaches in Europe which even give a tropical feeling. And what about nature such as the beautiful mountains, salt lakes and dunes. There is plenty to see and experience. This makes one happy. Our holiday homes are properly cleaned according to all rules and are fully equipped to enjoy your holiday without any worries.

Why buy a house in Spain?

Spain is the ideal country for many people to live or to spend part of the year to spend their holidays. The wonderful climate, the way of life of the Spaniards and the Spanish culture attract us enormously. In addition, Spain is relatively easy to reach by car and plane. Always think carefully about the purpose of the purchase. Do you want to emigrate, stay for your own use only or maybe you want to rent out for part of the year. We are happy to advise you in your choice of the right home.

Can we finally go on holiday and travel to Spain without any worries?

In the corona year 2020, Schiphol received a total of 20.9 million travelers, a decrease of more than 70 percent compared to a year earlier. Schiphol emphasizes that the figures are a provisional estimate. The final figures will be published in the airport's annual report. And that is noticeable at the airports in Spain. We also receive fewer visitors. People want to travel, but all kinds of restrictions and code orange do not make it any easier.

In the travel advice of the national government, it is recommended to go in home quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the Netherlands due to corona. It is good to know that travelers do not need to go into home quarantine if they travel by car and do not get off in an area where home quarantine applies or if they are in possession of a negative PCR that is not older than 72 hours.

We all look forward hopefully to the various vaccines that will hopefully soon bring about a change in the 'new normal'.

Vaccination strategy COVID-19 NETHERLANDS.

From January
Care employees acute care hospitals (ic and covid department, ambulance, emergency care)

From January / February
Nursing home residents and people with intellectual disabilities in an institution

From February
People aged 18-60 with a medical indication

From February / March
Inpatient mental healthcare clients and their care workers

From March on
People living at home over 75 years old and non-mobile people living at home aged 60-75 and people living at home aged 60-75 (with and without medical indication)

From April
All other healthcare workers

From April / May
People aged 18-60 without a medical indication

It is expected that all Dutch people who want this can be vaccinated before the fourth quarter of 2020. With the caveat that the delivery time of the vaccines is leading.

How quickly does the number of infections decrease after vaccination?

It always takes a while for immunity to build up within a population to break the transmission and to reduce the number of infections.

Still to Spain ...

If you already want to travel and visit Spain to rent a holiday home or buy a home on one of the Costa´s, you need a Non-covid statement for your trip via a PCR test. CasaLasDunas has a partnership with the Quiron hospital and is happy to help you make an appointment.

Let's all hope that in six months' time we can pick up our lives again and we can welcome you to the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida or the Costa Del Sol.