Renovation objects

Renovation objects

Renovation projects

A good investment is to modernize an existing Spanish home.
Properties that need to be renovated or modernized just a short distance from the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Blanca.

Renovation works from A to Z for which you only have 1 point of contact. We take care of the contact with the architect and guide you through the process. You can also think of the various permits, options and your own input. Choosing a builder for a renovation or new build on the Costa Blanca is an important and often very difficult decision. It must of course also become an increase in the value of your investment.

A renovation or renovation in Spain is slightly different than in your home country. If you cannot be there every day, you must be able to rely on the people in Spain. That means adapting and, above all, handing things over. We guide you step by step through the renovation process: from the planning phase to the final finish.

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