Buying a house in Costa Blanca

Buying a house in Costa Blanca

Buying a house in Costa Blanca

After yet another fantastic holiday on the Costa Blanca, you say to each other: 'we could only buy a house here'. Which can! CasaLasDunas is the ideal real estate agent for those who want to buy a house on the Costa Blanca. We have been at home in the Spanish buying and selling of holiday homes, luxury villas and spacious apartments for many years. Do not take any risk when you buy a house on the Costa Blanca; enable CasaLasDunas.

Find a house for sale on the Costa Blanca

Why should I buy a house on the Costa Blanca?

There are endless reasons to buy a home on the Costa Blanca . The most obvious reason is of course the climate. The Costa Blanca has a Mediterranean climate that shows the same weather situation all year round: little rain, many hours of sunshine. The temperatures in this area of Spain have hardly any peaks. There is no frost in winter, but the thermometer does not reach 40 ° C in summer either. Therefore, the area is popular all year round with tourists from Spain itself and other European countries. In addition to the climate , the food , the friendliness of the locals, the mountainous landscape and the characteristic villages are also excellent reasons to buy a house on the Costa Blanca.

Buying a house on the Costa Blanca, how does it work?

You do not buy a home abroad every day. That is why CasaLasDunas guides you step by step when you are going to buy a house on the Costa Blanca. How does that work?

  1. Search: By means of the wish profile you indicate which house (s) you have selected in our offer . We make an appointment at our office in the Netherlands or Spain and start the search.
  2. Discussing the wishes: We discuss the location, financial matters and the type of home that suits you.
  3. Viewings: We make a program for the properties to be viewed and accompany each viewing. Lunch and dinners on these days are at our expense, and we evaluate the day every evening.
  4. Making a reservation: Once you have found a property, we will draw up a reservation contract with you, so that the property is taken off the market. This costs € 3,000, an amount that you will receive back if the house does not meet the necessary registration conditions.
  5. Investigation: We investigate whether the plot and the house are registered, and the status of any legality, estate, title deeds and debts. If the house meets the conditions, the purchase can proceed.

How does buying a house on the Costa Blanca work?

The CasaLasDunas method

CasaLasDunas finds it important that you find a home that is really your dream home . Is your dream home not listed during the viewings? Then we will keep you informed of current offers and continue the search. We will also guide you in your search during your next visit to Spain. We do all this in a relaxed manner so that you can take the right decisions calmly. Do you come across a property that interests you? Then we contact the owner or local real estate agent and start an investigation into the registration of the house and the plot. In short, we ensure that you will buy the perfect home on the Costa Blanca.

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