The first steps!

The first steps!
13 Jul 2023

Where do you start looking for a second home in Spain?

The first steps!

There are many options today that do not always make the search for a home easier.

• You can orient yourself at one of the Second Home fairs.
• You can start searching the internet where you will be flooded with overwhelming offers.
• You can physically visit the region and search for properties for sale here. All this is a time-consuming affair and you can't get a clear view of whats possible.

But how do you start?

• Hire a registered real estate agent who is familiar with the most important Costas.
• Make a first introductory meeting where your wishes and possibilities are discussed. This can be done by email, telephone or video call.
• We can help you further by filling in the wish profile.
• We will send you a first selection from our offer of more than 2000 homes.
• You respond to this by making your comments and in this way we refine the selection that fits your profile.
• It is also possible that you have come across a house yourself on the internet. Feel free to send us that link, because we can also offer those properties as your purchase        broker and negotiate with the relevant broker or owner, because we already work with many brokers, so you only have to make 1 appointment.
• Eventually it will come to the point that you come to visit us, the coffee will be ready and we will prepare the viewings further.

Does this method appeal to you? Feel free to send us an email with your telephone number or the desired profile and we will contact you shortly.

Next week part 2: The follow-up process!

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