EURO2020 CasaLasDunas: Regulations and scoring

EURO2020 CasaLasDunas: Regulations and scoring
10 Jun 2021

EURO2020 CasaLasDunas is about to start! 20 matchdays to determine who will take home the grand prize of €1000. In order to ensure that everything is fair, a clear set of rules has been drawn up, along with the corresponding scoring system. The rules are as follows:



  • The questionnaire must be completed no more than once per person per competition day.
  • Although it increases the chance of winning, there is no obligation to participate in all matchdays.
  • The questionnaire closes 15 minutes before the start of the first match of a matchday.



There are 4 points to be earned per match. 1 point for correctly predicting the winner and 3 points for the exact score. In addition, on each matchday, 5 extra points can be earned by correctly predicting the minute when the earliest goal will be scored (across all matches of that matchday). Also, on the first matchday, 20 points can be earned by correctly predicting which country will win the European Championship.

In total, there are 324 points to be earned. 


How can I participate?

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and don't miss a matchday! On these channels, the day before the actual matchday at 17:00, there will be a post with the link to the questionnaire.

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