Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
1 Apr 2021

Easter is celebrated in every part of Spain, but Murcia´s celebration is one of cultural importance. The festivities start on Palm Sunday and end Easter Sunday with an exuberant feast. Each day represents a different Procession (solemn religious procession). In this procession, believers walk in colored hoods in endless processions with 'Pasos' (Carved statues of saints), huge fog horns, crucifixes and groups of drummers. Throughout the region, sweets are sold on the street, but this is contrary to the true intention of the party; The confectionery should be given away instead of sold. For many Spaniards, the Semana Santa is the highlight of the year, and therefore well worth a visit for tourists.


Due to the measures surrounding Covid-19, it is not yet known if there are any processions this year.

But this gives you an impression of how these celebrations are celebrated in beautiful Spain and we like to look ahead.


However, a number of easing measures have been announced which apply until 12 April.

  • Food industry is open, curfew remains and external border of the Comunidad Valenciana border remains closed for not necessarily entry and exit
  • Catering, terraces 100% occupancy, inside 30%, 4 people at a table and until 18.00
  • Indoor sports facilities, fitness, padel, swimming open again, 30% occupancy
  • Leisure courses, 30% occupancy, up to 10 people in a group
  • Ceremonies, 20 people outside, 10 people inside, 30% occupancy
  • Public indoor spaces Max 4 people.
  • You can not receive visitors at home
  • Shops open until 8 p.m.
  • Curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The borders of the different regions (comunidades) are closed for entry and exit

More checks than usual are carried out during: Easter holidays, especially between 26 and 9 April and do not forget the face mask.

Unfortunately, it has become mandatory everywhere.


Despite these measures, we hope to have happy days and wish you a happy Easter in the UK, Scotland and Ireland.


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