Foreigners are buying homes in Spain again

Foreigners are buying homes in Spain again
19 Nov 2020

Madrid - According to data from the “Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad, Mercantiles y de Bienes Muebles”, the number of homes purchased by foreigners increased in the third quarter compared to the second quarter. Between early July and late September, 14,000 homes were sold to foreigners against 8,000 in the second quarter.

In the third quarter of this corona year, 102,197 homes were sold in Spain, an increase of 33.5% compared to the second quarter. Of that total, 22,269 new homes were sold, a significant increase of 58.5%, while the number of existing homes increased 27.8% to 79,548 homes.


Up to the end of September of this year, most of the houses have been sold in the autonomous region of Andalusia with a total of 84,826 houses sold. Catalonia ranks second as a region with 66,737 homes sold, followed by the Valencia region with 60,413 homes sold and the Madrid region with 59,885 homes sold.

In the Canary Islands, 17,964 homes were sold until the end of September, while in the region of Murcia, it increased to 14,951 homes sold, in Aragon, 11,680 homes were sold and in the Balearics, the number of homes sold rose to 11,454 until the end of September.

The largest group of foreign homebuyers are the British with a percentage of 13%, followed by the French with 9%, Germany with 8.3% and Belgium with 8.3%. Next, Moroccan buyers are on the list with 6.6%, followed by Romanians with 4.8%, Italians with 4.7%, Swedes with 4.5% and then the Dutch with 3.7% who are above Russian buyers with 2.2%.

By region, foreigners bought the most homes in the Balearic Islands (27.1%), followed by the Canary Islands (26.3%), the region of Valencia (24.1%), Murcia (17, 5%, from Andalusia (12.3%), Catalonia (12.1%), Aragon (5.5%) and the region of Madrid (4.3%).


If we look at the data on the provinces where foreigners bought the most homes in the third quarter, the province of Alicante leads with 38.1% of foreign buyers and 61.9% of Spanish buyers.

The second most popular province is Santa Cruz de Tenerife with a ratio of 32.6% / 67.4% of buyers, followed by the province of Málaga with 30.3% / 69.7%, the province of Girona with 27.1% / 72.3% and the Balearic Islands with 27.1% / 72.9%.

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