Not going to the beach for a change? The Costa Blanca also has a lot to offer and there are various excursions. On the watercraft, to the zoo or on safari, there is something for everyone.

Spanish amusement park "Terra Mitica"

Terra Mítica is divided into five different sections in which the visitor will have a great time and discover the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean in an adventurous way: Egypt, the dream bazaar. A walk along the ancient port of Alexandria, where one can view the secrets of the gods within the pyramid. Crete, with the famous Labyrinth of the Minotaur. Rome, the boundary between both cultures. The bridge of Meride, the military atmosphere, the stockade and on the highest part of the park, a wooden Russian bridge. An exciting journey into the XVIIth and XVlllth centuries of the Comunidad Valencia from the past to the present. An unforgettable relaxation center with incredible attractions: The islands, the Great Journey. While one can make the mythical journey of Ulises along the Mediterranean Sea, in the heart of the park, men can enjoy unique experiences. The park contains, among other things, various water attractions, impressive mechanical transport means with which one makes a tour through the park. And for the children there are smaller imitations of the various attractions.

Turrón Museum

In Jijona there are many beautiful places to visit, like in most cities all over the Costa Blanca. Jijona is a very old city with beautiful small streets. At the top of the hill surrounding the area, you will find the ruins of the old castle town with an impressive overview of the landscape. A little outside, actually on the outskirts of Jijona you can already see the Turrón Museum. The museum is housed in the same factory, which produced the famous “El Lobo” and “1880” Turrón.

The museum offers a guided tour (in various languages), which is not only in a very detailed museum and by means of displays, but also the real factory. The factory is only open from mid-June to mid-December. The museum gives you a nice overview of the different types of sweets. Two types of Turrón (Alicante and Jijona) are best known. You can really feel the ancient tradition of Turrón in the museum. A beautiful and detailed representation of traditional and modern production methods, down to the packaging of Turrón over the years. A highlight is a beautiful old Turrón delivery with a Rolls Royce truck. At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to purchase the different types of Turrón.


Do you like water? Perhaps this is for you! Giant slides, white water rafting, rafting and so on. While you enjoy a drink, the children come down the slides at dazzling speed! There are no less than three large aqua parks in the vicinity. Please note that these parks are not open all year round. In any case, you can visit this park from mid-June to mid-September, but there are also parks with a longer opening period.

Rio safari

If you like wildlife, that is to say, you can go to the Rio Safari park in Elche. This is a small animal park with a crocodile farm. You can drive through it by train. However, if you want to go to a larger park, then you should definitely take a look at Safaripark Aitana. Here a large area is cordoned off in the middle of the mountains. You can drive through it by car. And if you want, you can also get out to pet the elephants who are drinking somewhere. The really dangerous animals, such as tigers and lions, are behind fences, but the rest just walk around freely.

Safari Inland

"Awesome!" , "Enjoyed it so much!" , "Where can you find this?" These are just a few quotes from a safari inland. In the beautiful interior of Spain and only a 30-minute drive from the coast, you can still find the Spanish atmosphere. At the starting point you can enjoy delicious coffee and a look inside a cave house. During the safari you will pass surprisingly untouched nature! You will cross mountain paths or running water to remote parts of the Spanish interior. Along the way you will encounter many regional products, such as almond and olive trees. Fig trees and even bamboo! After a wonderful trip, join the fully catered BBQ and end a tiring day while enjoying a snack and a drink (or more ...)!

Fair Torrevieja

On the boulevard in Torrevieja, a large and tourist coastal town, you will find a large night market every day, from about 3 pm, where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs. In the season it is very busy here, especially because of the big fair just next to the boulevard. This can be visited daily and only starts to get really cozy from about nine o'clock. The children also walk around here until the early hours with all their trophies, which they won that evening. Yet there is certainly also entertainment for the adults, because for the real daredevils there are several great attractions.

Karting on the Costa Blanca

There are a lot of go-kart tracks on the Costa Blanca. Because of the nice climate you can show your racing arts here all year round. Go-karting is also an option for small children. There are special children's karts with less power and for the little ones there are also duo karts. You can sit in this together with your child, and while you steer your child will enjoy the race next to you. Some courts have a separate track where children can ride a Quad or a dirt bike.

Water sports

Of course you can get your money's worth on the Costa Blanca, if you like water sports. There are various options such as jet skiing, surfing, diving, sailing, water skiing, parasailing and in Santa Pola there is a school for kite surfing. There is a lot of diving near the island of Tabarca. Here you can enjoy the beautiful underwater life of the Mediterranean.


Guadalest is part of the wellknown castles route. The large, steep rock, on which a church tower with a flat roof, is a true eagle's nest, on which the Spanish-Arabian half-breeds, who were driven out of the Levant in 1609, could stay for some time. A tunnel drilled into the rock leads to the town, with its miniature museums, cozy shops, a noble house, the town hall and the church. If you take a day out, you can visit the beautiful safari park “Aitana” on the way there or back. This is a large nature reserve, where the fence is so far away that you can hardly see it and the wild animals, like in regular nature, run free. You can drive through by car and get off here and there to view or even touch the animals up close. A visit to the waterfalls “Les Fonts de l'Algar”, nearby, is definitely worth it.

Seashell house

This seashell house is definitely worth a visit. Everything is designed and made by Don Manuel Fulleda Alcaraz. From the age of seven he collected large and small seashells on the beaches of Guardamar del Segura and La Manga del Mar Menor. These seashells now adorn the walls and patio of his house. The mosaics are very diverse from circles and flowers to animals. In total, 600m2 of walls are covered with approximately 550,000 seashells. The seashell house is on display at Calle Rodeo no. 10 in Rojales.


This beautiful park, called Mundomar, is located near the resort of Benidorm, with its dolphins, sea lions, penguins and many other animals. Of course there are various shows, such as a beautiful dolphin show. The park is located on a mountain slope and you have a view of the entire surrounding area.

Play golf in Spain

Spain is a very popular destination for many people with its beautiful white beaches where you can walk for hours. But outside the beach, sea and sun, Spain is also a popular golf destination. Several golf courses can be found on the Costa Blanca. The golf course is right outside your holiday home. In recent years, this group of tourists has increased. Especially the climate but also the many beautifully landscaped golf courses and resorts counts towards this. Spain has more than 300 golf courses and also has quite a few enthusiastic golfers. Several golf courses are surrounded by apartments and bungalows. The Spanish golf courses are never really busy, but the golf courses are usually hilly.

Cities and places that are truly worthwhile

There are several places and places that are really worth a visit. Not going to the beach for a day? The Costa Blanca also has a lot to offer and there are various excursions. On the watercraft, to the zoo or on safari, there is something for everyone.

Tabarca: The island of Tabarca, created by two islands that are connected by an isthmus, has developed into one of the attractions of the province. It is located 22 kilometers away from the city district of Alicante, and also belongs to this municipality. It contains a protected marine reserve, where one can find the largest variety of fish species from the entire province. There are several beautiful diving locations. You can leave from both Alicante and Torrevieja with a beautiful boat where, in most cases, you can sit at the bottom of the floats of the boat, so that you have a beautiful view of the underwater life of the Mediterranean. The tour takes about 40 minutes together and you will be dropped off on the island so you can explore it at your leisure. At the end of the day you will be picked up again and returned to the port.

Busot: In Busot you can visit a beautiful cave. The journey there alone is worth it, but you should expect an hour's drive.

Elche: Is of Iberian origin, was called Helike under the Greeks and Illici under the Romans. The city bears the mark of the long Moorish rule. Elche still makes an African impression with its narrow streets and alleys, with its white houses and flat roofs. In the mid-13th century, Ferdinand III of Castile conquered the city for Christian Spain. Since 1296 she belonged to the kingdom of Valencia. Three things make up Elche's fame: the palm forest, the medieval mystery game and the Dame de Elche.

The Palm Forest: On three sides, the city is surrounded by the largest palm forest in Europe with about 170,000 date palms. Some of these are more than 200 years old and often reach a height of 40 meters. Every year, all of Spain obtains the palms for Palm Sunday from Elche. The construction of the palm forest probably goes back to the Cathagers, but in the Moorish times it was very well cared for; After all, Africa's sons saw the tree of their homeland in the palm. In the Huerto del Cura, part of the forest, an exceptionally beautiful palm rises, the Palmera del Cura, also called Palmera Imperial, which divides into seven arms.

Misterio de Elche: The medieval mystery play is performed annually on August 14 and 15 in the Santa Marí Church; it depicts the death and the Ascension of Mary. Only men play and sing the play in the old Catalan language. In addition to Mary, apostles, angels, saints, Jews and the Holy Trinity also perform. Elche's mystery play would have been the example for the much later Italian operas.

Dame de Elche: The female limestone bust, which still shows traces of paintings, was found in 1897 in La Alcudia, located 2 km south of Elche and has made the name of the city known all over the world. This work of art from the 4th to the 3rd century BC. belongs to the Iberian-Greek culture and is now in the archaeological museum in Madrid. The archaeological museum of Elche contains a copy of the bust.

Also worth seeing: Near the Santa Maria Church is the Calahora gate, which belonged to the Moorish city district. In the 15th century, the gate got its current appearance. On the Plaza Mayor is the Casa del Ayutamiento (town hall) from the 17th / 18th century; beautiful balconies along the facade. The tower, Torre del Consell, dates from the 15th century. Visit the Fortaleza de la Señoria (also called Palacio de Altamira). The fortress was built in the 15th century and was the residence of the Counts of Altamira. Earlier there was a Moorish castle, which also temporarily housed the kings of Aragon and the “Catholic kings”.

Las Fuentes del Algar: is a beautiful place where a waterfall flows from a natural spring. It is definitely worth a day to go here. You can also enter the water here. There are several places where you can dive into the clear and very cold water. This gives a wonderful cooling, especially in the summer. For those who prefer to cool off in a different way, there is a restaurant, where you can look out on one of the waterfalls from the terrace. Outside the entrance gate are several stalls where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs. When you arrive looking for a parking space, do not let the first one appoint you a parking space. After all, it is not free and you still have to walk a long way. So keep driving until you see the entrance and try to find a spot there.

Cave houses: You will find cave houses here or there on the entire Costa Blanca. They are often hidden from view because only the front of the house can be seen. Often at first glance, nothing stands out, but usually the part behind the facade is built entirely in a rock. These are originally caves, which are now used as living space. In the village of Rojales you can visit such cave houses. They are often used by artists who exhibit their products there. The route is indicated with signs “cuevas”.