Boat rental

Rent a boat on the Costa Blanca in Spain,

What could be better than sailing on the Mediterranean Sea? This can be done with or without a sailing license at At Sea in the port of Torrevieja.

AT SEA is a company with extensive experience in the nautical and tourism sector. They have a good and professional team and are located in the port Marina Salinas de Torrevieja.

At Sea rents out different types of boats including the following 3:

  • The Quicksilver, the boats without a sailing license, are characterized by their great performance, safety and modern line. They are ideal for anyone who likes to spend a day at sea without needing a license.
  • The Sydney boat, with a sailing license and capacity for 8 passengers, is characterized by its modern, elegant line and its extensive features, which make a difference in the nautical sector. It is ideal for beginners and sea lovers. Enjoy another day with friends or family and get to know our coasts and beautiful sunsets.
  • Azimut 52 Yacht is the perfect representation of Italian luxury. Comfort, quality, strength and safety are some of the right characteristics that describe this beautiful yacht. The boat is also perfect for any party or meeting without ever neglecting the comfort of the passengers.

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If you would like to make a reservation, please let us know via and we will help you further.